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Lesson 5
Lesson 5





The Harmful Effects of Alcohol

Studies show that moderate alcohol consumption is linked with a decrease risk of heart disease. However, if you don’t drink to begin with, it’s not a good idea to get started for this reason. There are other ways you can lower your risk of heart disease such as changing your diet and increasing physical activity.
In America, however, the benefits of “moderate” alcohol consumption is not outweighed by the diseases and fatalities related to excess alcohol consumption. Among teenagers, especially, alcohol leads to many deaths and injuries. In families, excess alcohol consumption can lead to domestic violence, abuse, and a breakdown of the family unit.
Those who drink too much alcohol are at risk of malnutrition because drinkers usually do not eat a healthy diet adequate in calories and vitamins and minerals.

Drinking alcohol causes our bodies to lose needed vitamins and minerals, as well as water which our bodies need. It is advised that if you do drink, be sure to eat. Do not drink on an empty stomach since this can lead you to drink more and become drunk faster, as well as lead to malnutrition in the long run.