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Lesson 5
Lesson 5





Guidelines for alcohol consumption
If you don’t drink, don’t get started because it is not beneficial for your health.
If you do drink, try to cut back and drink less.
Women should limit their intake to 1 drink per day, and men to 2 drinks per day.

What is “one drink”?

12 oz can of beer5 oz wine
~ 10 tablespoons
1.5 oz rice wine or herbal wine
~ 3 tablespoons

Tips for alcohol consumption
If you are currently drinking beyond the recommended level of 1-2 drinks per day, here are some ideas to cut down.

Do not drink alcohol to quench your thirst. Rather, try soda, mineral water,
or seltzer.

Dilute your drinks by adding ice cubes or seltzer.

When having a party or gathering, offer non-alcoholic beer, cider, fruit
juices, fruit punch as an alternative to alcohol.

Be sure to eat if you are drinking. Food acts as a physical barrier, which slows the rate at which alcohol enters your bloodstream. This will help to lessen the rate in which you become drunk.