Problem Sets

Please note that the information on this website is currently for FALL 2015 ONLY. This webpage will not be updated for Fall 2016. Thank you.

There will be 7 problem sets and a policy memo (in total 30% of the grade), a mid-term examination (25%), and a final exam (35%). Participation in sections counts for 10%.

Problem sets are distributed every other Tuesday, and due back, at the end of class, the Thursday of the following week. You may also turn the assignment in at the box located in the hallway outside the ERG office (310 Barrows) BEFORE 5pm Thursday. Late assignments will be penalized 20% if turned in by 5pm on Monday, or 50% if turned in by 5pm on the following Thursday. No credit will be given for assignments turned in more than one week late.

Note: You will get the most out of the problem sets if you make an initial effort to work through all of the problems on your own. After attempting to solve the problems on your own, you may then work with other students to discuss different approaches. It is vital that you do your own work. It is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct to copy answers from anyone.

Problem Sets:

Problem sets are posted on the web, not physically distributed in class. Problem sets cannot be turned in electronically or by fax. All problem sets have to be physically turned in.

# Assigned Due Date Coverage Resources
1 9-1 9-10 Unit conversion, energy units, analysis of utility bills, and Back-of-the-Envelope calculation PS-1
2 9-15 9-24 Energy use at household and national scales, energy and development, combustion, and basic thermodynamics PS-2
3 9-29 10-8 Thermodynamics, combustion, energy conversion efficiency, emissions, financial analysis of power plants, energy economics PS-3
4 10-8* 10-15 Life cycle analysis, learning curves, energy efficiency, and evolution of the modern energy system PS-4
5 10-27 11-5 Environmental justice, energy efficiency and conservation, the electricity grid PS-5
6 11-10 11-19 Nuclear energy and waste, renewable energy systems, fuel cells and hydrogen PS-6
7 11-24 12-3 Biomass, transportation, energy and climate, climate policy [NO late submissions allowed] PS-7

* Note: non-standard assignment dates (mid-term & academic holiday).