Jun Ying Lim

Jun Ying Lim

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Jun Ying Lim

Graduate Student

Email | junyinglim at berkeley.edu
Personal Website | junyinglim.weebly.com
Office | 5056 VLSB
Curriculum vitae | PDF
Research area | macroecology / macroevolution / trait evolution / ecological networks / community assembly

Research Interests

My interests lie with community assembly, macroevolution and historical biogeography, and the intersection of the afore-mentioned processes. For my dissertation work, by leveraging the Hawaiian archipelago as a chronosequence, I am studying how the geologic evolution of islands has affected the diversity dynamics of endemic Hawaiian clades. I am also interested in developing ways to incorporate diversification dynamics, ecological networks, patterns of trait evolution into our understanding of how communities and whole biotas assemble. For example, I’m working on a historical biogeographic model that incorporate climate niche evolution dynamics, and testing this on empirical Hawaiian plant clades.  I am also studying the biogeography, and evolutionary history of a species-rich and morphologically diverse plant clade, the Hawaiian Peperomia.

Some of my previous work has revolved around understanding how phylogenetic diversity interacts with spatial scale, and applying those insights to understanding community phylogenetic patterns of British grassland communities and the phylogenetic patterns of invasive species in the British flora. I am co-advised by Prof. Rosemary Gillespie and Prof. Charles Marshall.


My publication list: Google scholarGithub

Out in the field in the Koolau Mountains, Oahu (Photo: Melissa Ng)