Seira Ashley Adams

Seira Ashley Adams

Graduate Student

The mechanisms by which reproductive isolation evolves and is maintained in adaptive radiations is central to fundamental processes such as reinforcement, sensory drive, and hybridization. Particularly imprint are situations where ecologically distinct incipient sister species co-occur geographically, resulting in frequent encounters between diverging species and necessitating finely tuned recognition mechanisms for species to maintain reproductive isolation. Chemical cues are one of the most ancient and widespread modalities of communication, yet their importance in species recognition and reproductive isolation remains largely unknown. I am interested in the role of chemical species recognition cues in reproductive isolation and speciation within a well-studied adaptive radiation of Hawaiian Tetragnatha spiders.



  • Adams, SA & Morse, DH 2014. Condition-dependent mate choice of a parasitoid wasp in the field. Animal Behaviour 88:221-232. PDF


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