Fresh Approach

Harrison Newgard
Spring 2022

This semester I partnered with Fresh Approach, a nonprofit organization focused on expanding access to healthy produce and nutrition education through farmers’ markets, group classes, and community gardens. I was assigned to work on the Farmers’ Market Promotion Program, which increases awareness of Market Match, California’s healthy food incentive program. As an Intern, I researched new organizations to contact within San Mateo County, in order to distribute Market Match coupons. I conducted email outreach to these potential partners, with the goal of expanding Fresh Approach’s network and its overall reach across the Bay Area. I also helped build out the student outreach volunteer program, which places local students at Farmers’ Markets to engage with customers and promote Market Match. I created a best practices resource guide and designed the intern orientation. Through this internship I was able to apply my past experiences and skills in outreach and marketing to a nonprofit food systems environment, gaining valuable exposure and insight. The morale and drive of the employees with whom I worked made my experience both enjoyable and educational. It was rewarding to see the impacts of my work, and be able to further the mission of an organization that is helping to break down the inequalities in our current food system.