Nature Tour Mobile App

A novel App to learn about the biodiversity, history, current management, and ongoing research in natural ecosystems. Experience it on your own on 8/6/16, to learn more go to Soquel Demonstration State Forest. Natural ecosystems and forests in particular, whether urban or not, provide a wealth of environmental services including recreational opportunities, cleaner air and […]

Nature Tour Mobile App Project

The U.C. Berkeley Forest Pathology Lab has partnered with Calflora and Calfire to generate a guided tour of the Calfire Soquel Sate Demonstration Forest (Santa Cruz County) through the Nature Tour App. The App can be downloaded for free in its test version from Google Play wherever there is good cell reception. It then can […]

COMTF Phytophthora Identification Workshop 2016

SOD Blitz 2017 How to Survey

Welcome to the SOD Blitz Survey Project 2016.         Additional Project Links: SOD Blitz Survey Project Main Page SOD Blitz Training Sessions and Community Meetings SOD Blitz Results and Maps What is the SOD Blitz? SOD Symptoms Guide How Do We Test for SOD? SODMAP Mobile App    

2016 European Fungal Conference Poster

Jepson Workshop 2016

Emergent forest diseases threatening California Ecosystems The course is organized in eight parts: Introduction to tree diseases and their causal agents Ecology of forest diseases, differences between native and non-nativeĀ diseases Principles of Biological Invasions and diseases caused by off-site hostsĀ or by forestry practices Emergent diseases in California caused by exotic fungi Emergent diseases in California […]


UC Berkeley’s 2nd Annual Big Give! #CalBigGive #seethebiggerpicture

SOD Treatments – Updated Recommendations


Chasing Sudden Oak Death

Audio segment from KAZU news 5/22/15.

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