Citizen science helps predict risk of emerging infectious disease

Engaging citizen scientists is becoming an increasingly popular technique for collecting large amounts of ecological data while also creating an avenue for outreach and public support for research. Here we describe a unique study, in which citizen scientists played a key role in the spatial prediction of an emerging infectious disease. The yearly citizen-science program […]

Citizen Science and SOD

UC Berkeley News Service – Efforts to predict the emergence and spread of sudden oak death, an infectious tree-killing disease, have gotten a big boost from the work of grassroots volunteers. A joint study reveals the power of citizen science in SOD Blitz, a survey project in which volunteers are trained to identify symptoms of […]

NSF: SOD fells CA oaks in their prime

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KCBS Interview – SOD

KCBS Radio interview with Katie Harrell of the California Forest Pest Council about Sudden Oak Death. More information at the SOD Blitz Survey Project.  

From Amateur Biologists, Data for All

How much of an impact can average citizens have on wildlife biology research and conservation? As it turns out, they’re the workhorses behind some of environmental science’s most important datasets, old and new. The value of citizen scientists in wildlife monitoring revealed through two (very different) projects. One December morning every year my father gets […]


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