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After SOD Arrives in Your Area

Topic: Once SOD infections have arrived, what can be done? Recommendation:  If SOD is present in a portion of the property remember to: Schedule all landscaping and construction operations to occur first in the SOD-free area. Ensure that equipment is cleaned after work in the SOD infested area. Minimize all activities and operations in the […]

Before SOD Arrives in Your Area

Topic: What to do before SOD arrives in your area. Recommendation: To help prevent the spread of SOD in  ornamental plants you purchase, ensure that they come from a facility that is regularly tested for P. ramorum. Make sure that wood from trees in SOD-infected areas is not moved to uninfected locations. Ensure that shoes, […]

PCR Testing for Sudden Oak Death

California Agriculture: SOD Treatments

Research Article News Article California Agriculture Vol 63, Jan-Mar 2009 See the Revised Treatment Pages for our latest update

Fun with Fungi: Mycology Careers

Journal Website Science Careers from the Journal Science Highlighting career paths and educational opportunities in Mycology. UCB’s Forest Pathology and Mycology is highlighted in Selected Mycology Labs.

Review Article – Invasions by Forest Pathogens

Molecular analysis to study invasions by forest pathogens: examples from Mediterranean ecosystems Journal Article Biological invasions by exotic plant pathogens in Mediterranean ecosystems are characterized using molecular analysis.

Heterobasidion: A Disposition of Two North American Species

What’s in a name? Two of the most serious wood pathogens of conifers worldwide have been renamed by U.C. Berkeley and US Forest Service scientists. Because of the significant economic and scientific importance of these organisms, and because one of them was introduced in Europe by US soldiers during World War II, this is a […]

Island Biogeography and Fire – Kabir Peay

Island Biogeography and Fire Affecting Ectomycorrhizal Colonization of “Tree Islands” Ecology 2010 Plant Soil 2010 Journal of Ecology 2009 Ecology Letters 2007 Fungi are a critical component of the diversity and function of terrestrial ecosystems. Pathogens and mycorrhizal fungi receive a large, direct share of net primary productivity, and wood decay and mycorrhizal fungi play […]

UC Berkeley & the European Food Safety Authority

  2011 EFSA 16th Scientific Colloquium EFSA Scientific Opinion on Phytophthora ramorum Parma , 9 June 2011 – Experts from around the world gather to discuss emerging risks in plant health More than 100 international experts gathered in Parma on 9-10 June for an open scientific debate on key issues related to the identification of […]