Tracks of an Oak Killer

Story and Video Podcast   About the Author: Erin Loury B.S. (biology) University of California, Davis M.S. (marine science) California State University/Moss Landing Marine Laboratories Internship: Los Angeles Times (Kaiser Family Foundation health reporting internship) This story on sudden oak death was my final project for the graduate program in science communication at UC Santa […]

Quarantine Alert – Heterobasidion irregulare

The U.C. Berkeley Forest Pathology Lab directed by Matteo Garbelotto and the Gonthier Lab at the University of Turin, Italy, have jointly discovered the US military transported H. irregulare from North America to Italy in 1944, and have spearheaded most of the research on its invasion process. In October 2013, thanks to their efforts, Heterobasidion […]

Barcoding the Venice Fungal Collection


Wood Decay Diagnostic

How to Test for SOD?

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SOD: Bay Laurel Removal

Topic: Selective removal and pruning of California bay laurel (Umbellularia californica) trees as a strategy to protect oaks and tanoaks from SOD infection. Recommendation:  For oaks between 3″ (8cm) and 32″ (80cm) diameter at breast height (DBH), remove small and medium sized bay laurels for a distance of 30ft (10m) around the tree. If large […]