Podcast: Overview of SOD in California 2013

Citizen Scientists: As Good As Gold

  This beautiful mushroom, the rosy bonnet (Mycena rosea), collected and described by amateur mycologist Giovanni Robich, is vouchered in the herbarium of the Museum of Natural History of Venice, Italy. In fact, the entire herbarium is curated by expert volunteers. UC Berkeley, NCBI, and CBS researchers have sequenced a DNA barcode for most species […]

Podcast: SAS Institute

SOD in the Montesclaros Declaration

SOD in the Montesclaros Declaration Complete Montesclaros Declaration   Prepared by a group of more than 70 forest pathologists (representing 17 nations) that attended an international IUFRO meeting held at the Montesclaros Monastery in Cantabria, Spain during May 23th – 27th, 2011.As scientists studying diseases of forest trees, we recognize that the international trade of […]

Rainin’s Adjustable Spacer Pippette Unboxing

Ingrid the intern unboxes the EA-8 1200 XLS adjustable spacer E4 XLS multichannel pipette. Multichannels are a huge time saver for any plate based assay; adjustable width multichannel pipettes are a levolution up. Yes, it’s a word DICE made up for BF4, but it describes the game changeyness of this pipette so we’re all just […]

Nursery-Strain of Sudden Oak Death Found in Sierra Nevada.

A Disease Note in the scientific journal Phytopathology records the first instance of Phytophthora ramorum, the causal agent of Sudden Oak Death, found in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. The June 2014 article (PDF link) is the first time that the “NA2” lineage of SOD, that is usually only found in commercial nurseries, has […]

What’s a Pipetmonkey?

Welcome to the Pipet Monkey Blog! What’s a Pipet Monkey? The term is both playfully derogatory and respectful all at once. The programming equivalent, Code Monkey, is roughly similar in usage but more demeaning and trivializing, personally. If you’re a non-American English speaker, lackey or maybe dogsbody might ring true. Shoprat was what they were […]