Notes from a field trip to Montana

From left to right: Matteo, Blakey Lockman, Greg and Laura De Nitto on an expedition to study Heterobasidion root disease on Alpine Larch in the Bitterroot Range, Montana.  More on the results to come soon! Matteo in the Bitterroot Range, Montana,  

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SOD: Cleaning Tools & Equipment

Topic: Cleaning tools in SOD-infested areas. Problem: Can tools become infectious when used on trees infected by SOD? Yes, in particular when dealing with infected foliage, infested soil, and marginally with infected wood. The risk of spreading SOD is higher if soil or infected leaves are present on tires, shoes or tools. Wood is generally, […]

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What is Sudden Oak Death?

SOD is an exotic disease caused by the microscopic pathogen Phytophthora ramorum, estimated to have been introduced into California 20-25 years ago from unknown region of the world. P. ramorum was unwittingly introduced into California’s natural landscape when infected ornamental plants, such as Rhododendrons and Camellias (which carry the disease), were outplanted into the environment. […]

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After SOD Arrives in Your Area

Topic: Once SOD infections have arrived, what can be done? Recommendation:  If SOD is present in a portion of the property remember to: Schedule all landscaping and construction operations to occur first in the SOD-free area. Ensure that equipment is cleaned after work in the SOD infested area. Minimize all activities and operations in the […]

Before SOD Arrives in Your Area

Topic: What to do before SOD arrives in your area. Recommendation: To help prevent the spread of SOD in  ornamental plants you purchase, ensure that they come from a facility that is regularly tested for P. ramorum. Make sure that wood from trees in SOD-infected areas is not moved to uninfected locations. Ensure that shoes, […]

PCR Testing for Sudden Oak Death