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A novel App to learn about the biodiversity, history, current management, and ongoing research in natural ecosystems. Experience it on your own on 8/6/16, to learn more go to Soquel Demonstration State Forest.

Natural ecosystems and forests in particular, whether urban or not, provide a wealth of environmental services including recreational opportunities, cleaner air and water, and protection from soil erosion and landslides. It has also been demonstrated that communities in or near forests and green spaces live happier and longer lives. Natural resources are also hotspots of biodiversity and provide renewable resources such as timber, forest products, and edible mushrooms. California is climatically and geologically extremely diverse and is blessed with a wealth of natural ecosystems.  In the past, these ecosystems have been utilized allowing for the development of the Golden State, the way we know it now.

Nature Tour is a mobile App developed by U.C. Berkeley for Android based smartphones and tablets that allows managers to showcase both the local past history and the ongoing research and management activities in an attempt to initiate a dialogue with Californians, who are the true owners of the natural resources of the State, about the vision and the approaches taken to protect natural ecosystems.

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