After SOD Arrives in Your Area

Topic: Once SOD infections have arrived, what can be done? Recommendation:  If SOD is present in a portion of the property remember to: Schedule all landscaping and construction operations to occur first in the SOD-free area. Ensure that equipment is cleaned after work in the SOD infested area. Minimize all activities and operations in the […]

Before SOD Arrives in Your Area

Topic: What to do before SOD arrives in your area. Recommendation: To help prevent the spread of SOD in  ornamental plants you purchase, ensure that they come from a facility that is regularly tested for P. ramorum. Make sure that wood from trees in SOD-infected areas is not moved to uninfected locations. Ensure that shoes, […]

PCR Testing for Sudden Oak Death

How to Test for SOD?

SOD: Bay Laurel Removal

Topic: Selective removal and pruning of California bay laurel (Umbellularia californica) trees as a strategy to protect oaks and tanoaks from SOD infection. Recommendation:  For oaks between 3″ (8cm) and 32″ (80cm) diameter at breast height (DBH), remove small and medium sized bay laurels for a distance of 30ft (10m) around the tree. If large […]