Will fresh wood chip mulch injure the general health of a tamarack tree?

Mulching should not hurt the general health of a tamarack tree; however, make sure the mulch is not piled up against the tree, but rather 1 foot away from the base of the trunk.  The mulch layer should be about 3″- 4″ thick and spread out to the dripline as much as possible for maximum […]

What is the Critical Root Zone around a tree?

A tree’s Critical Root Zone (CRZ), sometimes also called the Root Protection Zone (RPZ), is defined as a circle on the ground corresponding to the dripline of the tree. Unfortunately the “dripline” of a tree can be irregular and hard to define. An alternative method of determining this dimension is to measure the diameter of […]

When should I remove a tree?

Tree removal is most likely required if the tree is a hazard to property, people, or places where people congregate (paths, camp grounds, etc.) Bear in mind that individual limbs may be more of a hazard than the failure of the entire tree. A certified arborist should be consulted to determine whether tree removal is […]