Getz Lab Toolbox


This toolbox is a collection of application and utilities designed to analyze complex stochastic data sets. Developed primarily for population and ecological modeling applications, these tools can all be generalized to other uses such as, for instance, market or sports analysis.

Correlative Coherence Analysis

Correlative coherence analysis allows one to identify correlation between data sets containing a unrestricted number of measured variables. Additional statistical analyses may also optionally be carried out providing further data.


Dominance Hierarchies

This web application ranks entities based upon a limited set of observations of their interactions. It can handle both incomplete data sets, and data sets containing circular elements. Additionally it can provide a relative strength estimate.


Homerange Location

These ArcGIS plugins allow one to locate the homerange of an observed entity. A marked improvement over earlier techniques, the Local Convex Hull method employed generates highly accurate mappings.


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