AgroEco 2021 Conference

March 2-11, 2021


Welcome to the 2021 Agroecological City event! Come join urban farmers, food and farming justice advocates, policy makers, educators, community organizers, and engaged citizens to share strategies for strengthening our urban food and farming systems.

Through panel discussions and break-out sessions over two weeks, you will engage in active conversation and learning about critical aspects of food and farming in the East Bay and beyond. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Turn over ideas for creative and innovative pathways to access land for urban farming
  • Dig into the intersection of food and land stewardship for community healing and Just Transitions
  • Explore the latest agroecological research and policy work alongside the role of education institutions in farm and food resilience

Throughout all these themes, our commitment to food justice is paramount. Organizers and guest speakers will weave in upfront discussions of power, race, class, health, and wellbeing and invite you to contribute to these urgent conversations.

After these two weeks in March, we hope you will carry on the work you already do with greater connectedness to place and people in the East Bay and deeper familiarity with our urban ag challenges, successes, and opportunities. All registered participants will also receive targeted resources for their sustaining work and communities.

Oh and did we mention that registration for any and all of the sessions is free? You can register for one or more sessions. All registrants are invited to our opening and closing sessions.

Event Co-Coordinators (points of contact):

Marit Doshi, Analyst & Project Manager for Cooperative Extension at UC Berkeley,

Nathalie Muñoz, Administrative Coordinator for Berkeley Food Institute, 

Our Event Hosts

Gratitude to Our Sponsors