Join the Lab!

We welcome inquiries from potential undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers with interests in plant biology. The Gu Lab is a diverse and dynamic group of people who work hard and have fun together. There are plenty of projects to work on. If you want to explore opportunities, contact us!

Undergraduate Students

If you are a current UC Berkeley undergraduate student interested in gaining research experience, conducting a summer internship, or developing an honors thesis on plant biology, please e-mail us and we will talk about ongoing projects that may be of interest. UC Berkeley undergraduates may apply to work in our group through various programs, such as URAP, SPUR, and BSP. We also welcome NSF-REU students for summer research. 

Graduate Students

Highly motivated individuals wishing to join our group as Ph.D. students are encouraged to apply for the Plant & Microbial Biology graduate program, a top-ranked doctoral program in the nation.

Postdoctoral Researchers

We welcome inquiries from prospective postdocs. If you think our group is a good fit for your interests, please e-mail the PI with a CV and a summary of your research interests.