Coevolution and the assembly of ecological networks – Lauren Ponisio & Leithen M’Gonigle

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COS 124-2 Coevolution and the assembly of ecological networks at the Ecological Society of America Meeting in Sacramento, CA.

featuring Lauren Ponisio & Leithen M’Gonigle

Thursday, August 14, 2014: 1:50 PM
Beavis, Sheraton Hotel



One of the major challenges for evolutionary biology is to understand how species coevolve and shape complex networks of interacting species. Several topological features of networks, including the nestedness, modularity and phylogenetic structure of interactions are believed to be affected by coevolution, but there has been no test whether these structures can be uniquely attributed to coevolution. Here we compare the network structure of bipartite
networks generated under different modes of coevolution.

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