Lab News: 2014

Kremen lab members have been doing all kinds of wonderful things in 2014.

Leithen M’Gonigle was offered a faculty position at Florida State University and will begin his residence there in 2015. Emily Kearney was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship and Adrian Lu received an Honorable Mention. Lauren Ponisio received the Garden Club Pollinator Fellowship and Adrian Lu received a grant from the Explorer’s Club. Hillary Sardiñas will be honored with the Johannes Joos Memorial Award while Lauren Ponisio will receive the Souja Graduate Prize from our department.

Hillary Sardiñas and Amber Sciligo conducted an awesome outreach event for growers on pollinator conservation at EcoFarm in January. Danny Karp spoke at the Early Career Scientists Symposium at University of Michigan in March, and Claire Kremen presented on reversing pollinator decline to the California State Board of Food and Agriculture in April.

Claire Kremen spoke at Kansas State University in April and received the Theodore Hopkins Distinguished Colloquium Award.

Hillary Sardiñas received funding for the 2014 UC ANR Graduate Training in Cooperative Extension Pilot Program, to conduct outreach about pollinators, working with Cooperative Extension Specialist Rachel Long.

Emily Kearney received a Graduate Women in Science award in July. 

David Gonthier joined the lab as a postdoc in August 2014. He is supported by two prestigious fellowships, the NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship and the University of California Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship.

 In October 2014, Claire receives the Honorable John C. Pritzlaff Conservation Award!

at the University of California Berkeley