Researchers at Center for Diversified Farming Systems receive $1.3 million from NSF Coupled Natural Human Systems program

Congratulations to Dr. Claire Kremen, Dr. Tim Bowles,  Dr. Carl Boettiger and Dr. Alastair Iles from UCB ESPM and Dr. Danny Karp at UC Davis for earning a $1.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). This funding will be used to conduct ecological research and socio-economic analyses on lettuce farms in California’s central coast that vary in their use of practices that support biodiversity.

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Berkeley Food Institute’s Just Food series presents: “Feeling the Sting: What Can Be Done to Protect Pollinators”

Here is a new podcast from Berkeley Food Institute’s ‘Just Food’ series. Listen to our very own Claire Kremen as well as beekeeper Colin Muller and Full Belly Farm owner Paul Muller discuss how dwindling bee populations have affected California agriculture and what farms can do to protect honeybees and restore native bee populations. Click the link here or below to check it out!

Feeling the Sting: What Can Be Done to Protect Pollinators

at the University of California Berkeley