Dr. Claire Kremen is a Web of Science Clarivate Analytics 2017 Highly Cited Researcher.

You can download articles here or by visiting http://escholarship.org/uc/search?keyword=Kremen

  1. Ecological intensification to mitigate impacts of conventional intensive land use on pollinators and pollination
    Anikó Kovács-Hostyánszki, Anahí Espíndola, Adam J. Vanbergen, Josef Settele, Claire Kremen, Lynn V. Dicks.
  2. A global synthesis of the effects of diversified farming systems on arthropod diversity within fields and across agricultural landscape
    Lichtenberg, E.M., Kennedy, C.M., Claire Kremen, Batáry, P. et al. (64 Authors)
  3. Benefits of increasing plant diversity in sustainable agroecosystems
    Isbell, F., Adler, P., Eisenhauer, N., Fornara, D., Kimmel, K., C. Kremen, Letourneau, D., Liebman, M., Polley, H., Quijas, S. & Scherer-Lorenzen, M.
  4. Links between food insecurity and the unsustainable hunting of wildlife in a UNESCO world heritage site in Madagascar Borgerson, C., Rajaona, D., Razafindrapaoly, B., Rasolofoniaina, B.J.R., C. Kremen & Golden, C.D.
  5. The relative importance of pollinator abundance and species richness for the temporal variance of pollination. Genung, M.A., Fox, J., Williams, N.M., C. Kremen., Ascher, J., Gibbs, J. & Winfree, R.
  6. Cohort Profile: The Madagascar Health and Environmental Research (MAHERY) study in North-eastern Madagascar.   Golden, C.D., Anjaranirina, E.J.G., Fernald, L.C.H., Hartl, D.L., Kremen, C., Milner Jr, D.A., Ralalason, D.H., Ramihantaniarivo, H., Randriamady, H., Rice, B.L., Vaitla, B., Volkman, S.K., Vonona, M.A. & Myers, S.S.
  7. Opportunistic attachment assembles plant-pollinator networks.  Ponisio, L; Kremen, Claire; Gaiarsa, M.P.
  8. Effect of oil palm sustainability certification on deforestation and fire in Indonesia. Carlson, K.M., Heilmayr, R., Gibbs, H.K., Noojipady, P., Burns, D.N., Morton, D.C., Walker, N.F., Paoli, G.D. & Kremen, Claire

at the University of California Berkeley