Prospective Graduate and Postdoctoral Students

The Kremen Lab is moving to University of British Columbia, starting Fall 2019!

Broadly, the lab expects to work on the following types of questions, working with a variety of taxonomic groups:

How do different forms of agricultural land management influence long-term persistence of wildlife populations by promoting or curtailing dispersal movements and population connectivity?  Specifically, can diversified, agro-ecological farming systems promote species dispersal and survival?  How do diversified, agri-ecological farming systems affect ecosystem services, yields, profitability, sustainability and livelihoods?  How do we design sustainable landscapes that promote biodiversity while providing for people?

Graduate Students

If you are interested in my lab for a Master’s or PhD program, please check out these two programs at UBC:


Zoology/Biodiversity Research Centre

There are a number of funding and fellowship opportunities.

If you are interested in joining the Kremen lab in Fall 2019 at UBC, please send a brief inquiry to stating why you are interested in the lab and what you’d like to work on. Please include your CV, GPA, and GRE scores (if you have them).

Post Doctoral Students

If you are interested in postdoctoral work with me, there are several fellowship opportunities available at UBC.

Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship

Biodiversity Research Centre

Dr. Kremen will be hiring a postdoc for the lab and will be circulating a position description in 2019.

at the University of California Berkeley