Check out this event! The first of a three-part series HSI series Tuesday, December 1st from 5-6 PM!

“Our Space Allocation and Campus Climate Department have put together a series called HSI @ Berkeley: From Students, To Students. Come join us for Part 1 to hear from students at other UC campuses talk about their experience attending a Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI)! This event will explain what an HSI is and the benefits of attending an HSI. There will be a raffle during the event 🥳

Share this to your story and tell your friends to come join us 🧚🏻✨” – ASUC Senator Rodriguez @Asucsenatorrodriguez on Instagram

Currently recruiting MS and PhD students

“I will be joining the Department of Biology at the University of Kentucky in the Fall of 2021 and am accepting graduate students! See Ad. Review of applications will begin first week of December. I will soon be seeking postdocs and visiting scholars, so stay tuned.” – Robbie Burger

PACE: Partners Advancing Climate Equity – Introducing their Bilingual State Program for Climate Leaders in California!

📢 Apply to Partners Advancing Climate Equity (PACE) to join this pilot cohort of climate action leaders. Visit the site https://bit.ly/3kxmczw (linked in bio) & tune into the upcoming webinar 💻 on Nov 16.

Latinxs and the Environment Spring 2021 Seminar

Buenas tardes🌞

We are proud to announce the continuation of our Latinxs & the Environment seminar for the Spring 2021 semester🌿

Come build a support network with fellow students, faculty, and community leaders interested in the environmental field as related to the Latinx community

As of this semester we plan on holding another info session soon, and another at the beginning of spring semester – keep an eye out.

Please email us at latinoenvironment@berkeley.edu if you have any questions, and feel free to share. ¬°Gracias!

#ucberkeley #calberkeley #berkeleyca

Check out Next Generation Nations – an international organization with a student led branch at UC Berkeley!

Listen to their podcast Engage & Empower on Spotify or Apple!

Give them a follow on Instagram for updates on their meetings and events!

COVID-19 Updates:

As the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) continues to threaten daily protocol, we are encouraging our students and peers to wash their hands whenever possible and to avoid touching sensitive areas on their face like their mouth, nose and eyes. As UC Berkeley has chosen to go completely online until the end of the Spring semester, we are also adapting. We are postponing guest speakers for our seminar and planning on meeting online through options like Google Hangouts and Zoom.

We also want to acknowledge that this disease has become somewhat racialized but we in no way believe that a proper response to the issue is xenophobia. We encourage everyone to take care of themselves while also thinking about more vulnerable populations like those who are immunocompromised and more susceptible to the virus like the elderly.

Updates for the UC Berkeley campus can be found here.

The latest University Health Services update can be found here.