Past Fellows

View our current fellows here.

We would like to thank our past fellows for their work and contribution, and we wish them the best on their future endeavors.

Giselle Serafin

Giselle is a third year, first generation student from Ontario, California studying Environmental Science with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. She is excited to be a fellow for Latinxs and the Environment Initiative. Giselle currently works in an entomology research lab on campus. She also is a part of the Environmental Health Committee under Cal UPHC. (More…)

Zeltzin Angon

Zeltzin is a current third year double majoring is Geography and Society & Environment with a minor in City Planning. (More…)

Kristen Flores

Kristen Flores is a fourth year double majoring in Chicanx/Latinx Studies and Conservation and Resource Studies with a focus in Agro-Entomology. As an aspiring agroecologist, she is passionate about developing agriculture that is environmentally and socially sustainable. (More…)

Leilani Gutierrez-Palominos

Leilani Gutierrez-Palominos is a fourth-year student at UC Berkeley majoring in Molecular & Cell Biology and minoring in Global Poverty & Practice. (More…)

Christine Castro

Christine Castro is a fourth year Ethnic Studies major. She is a Paraguayan-Mexican American, and has four brothers which motivate her to do work in equity. Currently Christine is preparing for graduation, and hopes to intern abroad in Madrid, Spain this summer. (More…)

Juan Lazo

Juan is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies Field with a concentration on environmental sustainability. (More…)

Camila Custodio

Camila Custodio is a Puerto Rican, fourth year @ UC Berkeley, majoring in Ethnic Studies, with a specific focus in Latin American studies. (More…)