Current Fellows

Melissa Cervantes (they/she) – Society & Environment + Conservation & Resource Studies

Melissa Cervantes (they/she) is a fifth-year undergraduate majoring in Society & Environment and Conservation & Resource Studies. Their academic interests revolve around food systems and environmental education, specifically looking at the role that media has in sharing knowledge and highlighting diverse narratives. They’ve had opportunities to explore these intersections in research projects with Global Sustainability Scholars and Latinxs and the Environment. Melissa is the Development Assistant at the Berkeley Food Institute and works in community with Young Climate Leaders of Color and Youth on Root’s Advisory Board. They enjoy spending time in nature, queer spaces, and independent cinemas. If you have similar interests or are curious about their academic journey, feel free to contact them via email (!

 Alexis (Lexi) Bernal (she/her) – Environmental Science & Policy Management, 1st-year PhD

Lexi is a first-generation Chicana-Filipina who was the first in her family to graduate from college. Her current PhD work broadly covers fire ecology and forest resiliency, with a particular focus on monitoring old-growth, giant sequoia groves following wildfire. When she has breaks from academic life, you can find her in the mountains rock climbing, rafting, backpacking, and skiing or laying on the couch with her two fluffy cats. 

Hailey Garcia (she/her/ella) – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science + Business Administration

Hi! I’m Hailey Garcia, I’m studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Business Administration through the Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology program (M.E.T.) I’m an environmental justice advocate, formerly worked at Greenaction for Health Equity & Environmental Justice and the Bay Area Environmentally Aware Consulting Network (BEACN). I’m interested in finding data-driven insights that promote sustainability and social good.

Marisol Morales Herenandez (she/her/ella) – Society and Environment and Chicanx/Latinx Studies

My hometown is Sonoma, where I became interested in environmental and immigrant justice. I want to continue my education through law school to study animal/environmental rights and immigration law. During my free time, I enjoy watching anime and knitting.

Karina Flores (she/her/ella) – Molecular Environmental Biology

I’m a SoCal girl that grew up in Norwalk, CA (15 minutes away from Disneyland) and later moved to Long Beach, CA after graduation. I am  passionate about learning the different disparities the Latinx community has faced due to environmental racism. I enjoy helping out my community which is why I hope to go into the medical field one day. On my free time, I love to hike the fire trails with my roommates and try new restaurants.