• Dr. Max Moritz

    Lab Head
    Max Moritz

    510.642.7329, mmoritz[at] Research Interest: Understanding the dynamics of fire regimes at relatively broad scales and using this information in ecosystem management. Quantitative analyses of fire history and simulation of fire dynamics.

  • Eric Waller

    Graduate Student

    510.643.1377, ewaller[at] Research Interest: Plant Biogeography, Fire Ecology.

  • Erica Newman

    Graduate Student

    510.643.1377, newmane[at] Research Interest: Broadly interested in biodiversity, and more specifically focused on how invasive species and changing climate are altering fire regimes. Co-supervised by John Harte


Lab Alumni

Alison Forrestal

Meg Krawchuk. Post-doctoral fellow. Assistant Professor at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada.

Marc-Andre Parisien. Ph.D./post-doctoral fellow. Now back at Canadian Forest Service in Alberta, Canada.

Tadashi Moody. Research Associate. Now working with the Spatial Informatics Group in Pasadena, California.

Ana Barros. Visiting Ph.D.

Tina Bell. Visiting Fullbright Scholar.

Blanca Cespedes. Visiting Ph.D.

Duarte Oom. Visiting Ph.D.

Nicolas Venet. Visiting M.Sc.

Francois-Nicolas Robinne. Visiting M.Sc.