The Rausser College of Natural Resources manages greenhouse, growth chamber, lath house, and field space for plant sand environmental cience research at University of California, Berkeley. Our experienced staff provides horticultural consultation, supplies, plant monitoring and watering, and pest control. Resources include mist propagation beds and rooms, work space, supplemental lighting, and temperature and lighting controls.

The GPB (North) greenhouse opened in 1993 and offers 10,000 sq. ft. of climate controlled greenhouse space, and shared head house and laboratory work space.

The Oxford Rearch Unit (South) greenhouse was finished in 1964 and has 23,100 sq. ft. of greenhouses, four lath houses,  shared head houses, assigned laboratory, office and storage space, and six growth chambers.

The Insectary greenhouse opened in 2002 and contains 4400 sq. ft. of greenhouse and 2200 sq. ft. of lath house space to support  insect biology research.