ARE 265:  Advanced Topics in Environmental and Resource Economics  

Peter Berck and David Sunding

Syllabus (not final yet)

Mondays 12-2.  Room 207 Giannini Hall (David Sundings Office) until further notice

Grading:  There will 4 problem sets (worth a total of 40% of the grade) and a final worth 60% of the grade.


Topics for Fall 2015 with selected readings. 


Lectures 1 and 2.  Water Resources: Rights, Conservation, Groundwater, and Technology Adoption.

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3. Land Use Sprawl, and Permitting

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4. Endangered Species Act

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5 and 6.  Option and Irreversibility.  Option value, real options, irreversibility.

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7.  Pest Management

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8 and 9  Open Access Fishery

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10. Extinction

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11 and 12. Forestry

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13-14 . Effects of Climate on Agriculture

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