Forestry Links and Such


Class notes I and II.  Mostly financial matters of forestry, handwritten.

The CPI home page Don't miss the inflation calculator

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)

Look at BEI at end of presentation.  Break Even Inflation for TIPS vs ordinary treasuries. 

Yahoo or Google finance do fine for treasury quotes or for REIT prices.



REITs.  Why the companies divested.

Longview fiber, Rayonier, Plum Creek and Potlatch are listed on the NYSE

Notice the downside:  payout 90% of taxable income.  can't internally finance very well beyond depreciation. 

Upside:  no tax; no transfer price; can sell to any mill; easier to see development potential than in a timber company

Weyerhauser and SPI not REITs.


National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries:  Timberland Index.


The technics of Linear Programming:  Thomas Ferguson's guide.

Revealed Preference Slides  Stated Preference Slides 

The CA Yield Tax