Economics of the Environment:  Errata

Correct sentences are shown.

p. 42.  Club goods are nonrival but excludable.

p. 79 q2 e. instructors manual has wrong answer? (need to check this)per capita is 10 *10 = 100;total is 20* 100 = 2000;

The second typo is in the instructorís manual for problem 4.2(e).  The individualís consumption should be 5 gallons, not 2 gallons.  

f.needs an assumption about supply:s is horizontal at $2.40

Figure 5.9 on p. 101 should have stuff on vertical axis and wolves on horizontal axis.


p.155 "free disposal" should be "more is better" in Q2 (a) 

(WMH) I have a question about the numerical analysis of the herring fishery in your textbook around page 422.  The approximation of k given in the text (.003)  is not good enough to do this example yourself.  k = 3.027918367346939e-003;  k=3.03e-3 will be close enough to demonstrate the algebra on the board.

On 291: Book says that a $.93 subsidy encourages abatement until 2.7 million tons, but it will encourage abatement until 6.7.  The graph is correct here, but the text is wrong.

p495.  Index.  Should be appropriative, not appropriate water rights


p.469GNP should be GDP in 5.c.