This page will describe the work that is done in the file:




The first two worksheets ‘DEMAND’ and ‘PRICES’ contain original CEC data.  ‘DEMAND’ contains projections of gasoline and diesel consumption for years 2003-2050.  ‘PRICES’ contains a range of projections for natural gas, gasoline, and diesel prices including high, reference, and low cases.


The next worksheet ‘Expenditure’ shows the calculations done to obtain projections of expenditures for gas and diesel in 2006 dollars.  Total expenditure is calculated by adding gasoline and diesel expenditures and then compared to real income.   The trend is shown through the graphs at the bottom.  


The ‘Fuel Intensity Factor’ worksheet determines the fuel intensity factor of the CEC data and compares it to the AEP fuel intensity factor from Ralf’s calculations (refer to Factor Sources.xls).  The CEC fuel intensity factor is calculated in the same way.  Gross state product (GSP) also assumes a 2.5% growth each year.  The factors are then compared against each year in a graph.  It can be seen that the CEC data is relatively close to Ralf’s AEP data.