Peters Energy SAM

This page will provide a description of the steps that was done to create Peter’s final energy SAM.  It begins with changes in the ‘Energy’ and ‘ROW’ worksheets in “peters energy sam.xls”.  The energy quantities were changed to match the EIA numbers for 2003.  The 2003 energy statistics for California can be found here.  The changes in imports and exports were based on the residual SAM.  The purpose of the changes is to bring the petroleum sales to consumers into compliance with the latest data.

The same steps to reach “SAM120-new-retgas.xls” from “SAM120_Original.xls” were taken to achieve Peter’s final energy SAM.  The trail of files is as follows (can be found here):

SAM120_Original.xls  =>  SAM120_Rev083006.xls  =>  CCM0304-822_for_120.xls  =>  SAM120-old.xls  =>  SAM120-tax_fix.xls  =>  SAM120-new-retgas.xls

The two files discussed are:

            1. Peters energy sam.xls

            2. Peters energy sam – next steps.xls

1. “Peters energy sam.xls” parallels “SAM120_Original.xls” but includes changes in the ‘Energy’ and ‘ROW’ worksheet.  The resulting worksheet ‘detail SAM energy correct’ incorporates these changes which in turn produces the ‘SAM120_Orig’ worksheet. 

The next sheet shows the difference between the final SAM in “SAM120_Original.xls” and “SAM120_Rev083006.xls”.  The last sheet ‘SAM_Rev’ is the newly revised SAM.

2. This file shows all the following SAM sheets as well as the work done to reach the next SAM.  The first step is a change in the investment column, which results from changes in the CCM in “CCM0304-822_for_120.xls”.  Taking the new investment column from the new CCM, it is compared to the old investment column, and the difference is then allocated to the ROW column.  This leads us to ‘SAM-old’ worksheet.

“SAM120-tax_fix.xls” includes the updated intergovernmental SAM elements.  The worksheet ‘diff’ shows the difference between SAM-tax_fix.xls and SAM-old.xls.  The new ‘SAM-taxfix’ is created simply by adding the difference to ‘SAM-old’. 

The final SAM is ‘SAM-retgas’, in which its only change is that it routes payment of gasoline from OILREF to RETGAS.  The changes are shown in the worksheet ‘diff1’.

‘SAM-retgas’ is then transposed, made positive, and then rounded to 6 digits to produce the final worksheet ‘SAM’.