Workbook: ES 202 Dram Summary.xls


Notes / Method:


·         The sheet ‘Final Final’ is simply the mapping from NAICS to the SAM sectors

·         The sheet ‘CES Empl’ is raw data from CES showing CA employment (in # of persons) by NAICS code for Q2 2002 – Q4 2003. 

·         The sheets ‘2002 Q1’ – ‘2003 Q1’ are raw data from ES202s showing CA wages by NAICS code.  The reason for the cutoff at 2003 Q1 is that no data was available beyond this point at the time of development of this workbook.

·         The sheet ‘NAICS detail’ organizes the raw data from the sheets above onto one sheet.  Note that the column 4Q total sums the wage data from Q2 2002 – Q1 2003.

·         The sheet ‘NAICS to model sectors’ pulls the 4Q total column from the NAICS detail sheet for each NAICS code, and cross-lists the values with the SAM sectors.

·         The sheet ‘CA wages by model sectors’ calculates the 2003 CA wages for each SAM sector.  For each sector, the wages paid from 2Q 2002 – 1Q 2003 are multiplied by the ratio of 2003 employment to 2Q 2002 – 1Q 2003 employment, to yield an estimate of 2003 wages.

·         The sheet ‘National wages 1997’ is the transpose of the LABOR row from the 1997 US Use Matrix.

·         The ‘Aggregate Wage Comparison Sheet’ accounts for the difference between the sum of the wages in each sector ($505.8m) and the total CA wages for 2003 reported by the BEA ($670.3m).  The primary difference is govt wages ($142.4m).  The remaining difference of $22.0m is unaccounted for and likely a result of, to some extent, inflation.

·         The sheet ‘Wage ratios’ is the main result of the workbook.  The CA 2003 column shows CA 2003 wages, adjusted so that the total matches the BEA figure of $670.3m.  Note that govt wages of $142.4m are mapped to the NA sector.  The US 1997 column simply copies over the data from the ‘National wages 1997’ sheet.  This data does not account for the one-to-many sectors (the retail, wholesale, and ACC sectors).  This is corrected in the Adj US 1997 column, which allocates all US RETAIL wages to the 12 retail sectors on the basis of CA wages (and operates similarly on the wholesale and ACC sectors).  These sectors are highlighted in red on the sheet.  Finally, the Ratio column gives the ratio of CA 2003 wages to US 1997 wages for each sector.