Tzeng Yih Lam

Tzeng Yih Lam received his bachelors degree in Forest Management from University of New Brunswick, Canada; a masters degree in Tropical and International Forestry from University of Goettingen, Germany; and a masters degree in Statistics and a doctoral degree in Forest Science from Oregon State University, USA. Hence, the most common question that he got during his study was, “So, where are you actually from?”, and he always wanted to say, “I am from this little blue planet.” The second most common question he received was, “So, what do you do?”, and he was always tempted to say, “I count trees and hope to drive a green jaguar in the future.”

However to be professional, his common short answer is always, “I am a Malaysian forest mensurationist who works in the area of sampling, silviculture and data analysis, likes field work, and enjoys living in different cultures to learn their ways of seeing and managing forests.”
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