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Long-term Data

The following datasets have been examined in many of Dr. Resh's publications and are now freely available. Information on each dataset, including the list of relevant publications, is provided in the downloadable Excel files.

Hunting Creek and Knoxville Creek

*It is important to note that there is an error in Resh et al.2005 and Lawrence et al. 2010 concerning the sites. In Resh et al. 2005, sites 2D and 2P are incorrectly inversed. The same error is found in Lawrence et al. 2010, but only in Table 1 (Figure 1 showing the sites is correctly labeled).

HCKC_macroinverts.xls :
- basic information on the sites and site name equivalents used in the different publications (1D, 2D, etc)
- list of taxa (codes used in the database are the same as those that are in the trait database to be published eventually)
- raw abundance data by site, year and sample
- list of publications using the macroinvertebrate data

HCKC_enviro.xls :
- raw MET-1 precipitation data
- raw FST hemispheres data
- summarized precipitation and habitat data by year (as used in BÍche papers)

HCKC_fish.xls :
- raw fish abundance, size (length + weight) and stream habitat data (entered from PG Connors reports)
- summarized fish and habitat data (as presented in 2002 summary report)
- length and weight data by species used to construct length-weight relationship

Big Sulfur Creek

BSC_macroinverts.xls :
- site and sample information
- taxa list with codes
- raw abundance data by year, site, habitat and sample
- Healdsburg precipitation data for the study years (used in Beche et al. 2006 and BÍche and Resh 2007 analyses)

Blodgett Forest

BFRS_macroinverts.xls :
- site information including maps
- taxa list with codes
- macroinvertebrate raw abundance data
- publications