Research News

This page has not been updated in a long time! We now post news and updates through twitter at @RoLab_UC.

Below is a selection of older popular press attention our research has received and other research highlights.

Lizard research featured in NSF movie (2016)
Outreach video on our White Sands work: Check it out!

NSF LTREB award received (2016)
We received a collaborative NSF LTREB grant entitled "Long-term dynamics of amphibian populations following disease-driven declines" to continue our work on amphibians in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

DoD contract received (2016)
We have a collaborative DoD contract in process entitled "Effect of climate on host-pathogen interactions in chytridiomycosis".

Lizard research featured in Discover Magazine (2016)
A fun article highlighting science in our National Parks system.

NSF DEB award received (2015)
We received a new collaborative NSF grant entitled "Collaborative Research: How does it end? Epidemic fadeout and rapid evolution in a host-pathogen system".

Mentoring award received (2015)
Bree received a graduate student mentoring award from ESPM - thanks everyone!

Frog research featured in outreach movie (2015)
Science for Parks, Parks for Science Video for the NPS Centennial: Check it out!

NSF IOS award received (2014)
We received a new NSF grant entitled "Genomic determinants of pathogenicity and susceptibility in an emerging fungal pathogen and its vertebrate hosts".

UC Berkeley Hellman grant received (2014)
We received a Hellman grant entitled "A genomic approach to understanding emerging diseases of wildlife" to integrate work on chytriodimycosis in frogs and white nose syndrome in bats.

NSF RAPID award received (2012)
One of our collaborative projects received funding to change the outcome of the chytrid fungus on endangered frogs in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Curriculum Development Award received (2012)
Bree's Global Change Biology Course received an "Energy and Climate Lectures Curriculum Development Award" from UC Berkeley's Vice Chancellor for Research.

Chytrid research featured in New Scientist (2012)
Our Chytrid research was featured in the article "Genetic detectives hunt the global amphibian killer".

NSF CAREER award received (2011)
Our White Sands research and outreach activities are now supported by a CAREER award titled "An integrative approach to understanding and communicating Evolution in Action".

Featured in diversity video (2012)
Bree featured in outreach video on broadening participation in the sciences: Check it out!

NSF BEACON funding received (2011)
A collaborative project with Jenny Boughman (Michigan State U) titled "The genetic architecture of multidimensional adaptation and speciation" is now funded.

Lizard research featured in Science (2011)
Our "Same same but different" paper was featured as Editor's Choice in Science.[pdf]

Frog research featured in Science (2011)
Our frog research was featured as a News Focus in Science.[pdf].

NSF Undergraduate Math-Bio award received (2010)
We have received funding to establish a cross-disciplinary math-biology research internship program for undergraduates at U Idaho.

Lizard research featured in PNAS (2010)
Commentary: More than one way to blanch a lizard.

Lizard research featured in international newspapers
Our PNAS paper has been reported on in newspapers around the world including the New York Times, Discovery News and even was the subject of a poem [link].

NIH funding received (2010)
Our chytrid research is supported by an NIH award entitled Mechanisms of pathogenicity in an emerging fungal pathogen.

Lizard research featured in Science (2009)
News Focus: Ecological genomics gets down to genes - and function.[pdf]

Lizard research featured in field guides (2009)
Our White Sands research is featured in several species accounts in the new Lizards of the Southwest field guide.

Chytrid research featured in PNAS (2008)
Commentary: Molecular toolkit unlocks life cycle of the panzootic amphibian pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Bizarre ancient fungus turns deadly frog killer.[pdf]

Chytrid research featured on EarthSky podcast (2008)
Podcast: Bizarre ancient fungus turns deadly frog killer.[mp3]

Lizard research featured in Natural History Magazine (2007)
Article: A desert Galapogos

Lizard research featured in Science (2005)
Commentary: Color genes help mice and lizards.[pdf]

Lizard research featured in college textbooks
Our White Sands research has been featured in a number of published or in press textbooks including: Psychology (Wade and Travis), Integrative Animal Biology (Fenton, Dumont, Owen, Campbell), Learning and Behavior (Chance), Concealing Coloration in Animals (Diamond & Bond), Sensory Ecology (Stevens) and and the new edition of Evolutionary Biology (Futuyma).

Lizard research featured in children's textbooks and magazines
Our White Sands research has been featured in a variety of publications geared toward younger students including: the high school science textbook California Life Science, the book National Monuments, Natural Wonders, and the article Fade to White, which received the 2006 AAAS Journalism award for children's science news.