About The Program

The challenge of conserving our natural resources—while also sustaining healthy and equitable human societies—is one that requires large, innovative initiatives that can make significant impacts. In spring 2016, the CNR Executive Committee of the Faculty envisioned a new program to help the College of Natural Resources incubate just these types of innovations, and Science to Solutions @CNR was born.

Created by faculty who are experts in their fields, the resulting six proposals are about making real change. They offer visions for sustainability, biodiversity, and support for the earth’s resilience even as we put our ecosystems under ever-increasing stress. They imagine a concentrated effort to create a sustainable bioeconomy—involving agriculture, agritourism, aquaculture, biotechnology, biofuels, green chemistry, and more—that allows for the use of renewable biological resources while ensuring biodiversity and environmental protection. And they propose combating chronic diseases linked to obesity through a comprehensive consideration of research and clinical studies in the realm of metabolic systems, combined with education and outreach on diet and nutrition.

To learn more about how you can support one of the ideas, contact:

Kathryn Moriarty Baldwin
Assistant Dean of Development and Public Information
College of Natural Resources
(510) 643-6641