Building the Bioeconomy

Professor David Zilberman, Environmental Economist, College of Natural Resources, UC Berkeley

The bioeconomy has received much attention in recent years. The White House has a bioeconomy blueprint, and the European Union has its own plan. There are many definitions to the bioeconomy, mainly that it consists of economic activities that rely on biological processes to create value. The bioeconomy consists of, among other things, agriculture, agrotourism, aquaculture, biotechnology, biofuels, and green chemistry. Researchers in CNR are leaders in research in both natural and social sciences on bioeconomy issues, and CNR can capitalize on an integrated, visible program that will define the bioeconomy, address the policy and economic challenges associated with its creation, and provide some concrete solutions of how to build the bioeconomy. David Zilberman discusses how research on the bioeconomy will define its potential, and identifies both criteria to evaluate bioeconomy initiatives and constraints to implement socially desirable approaches.