Dean selection

Students for Responsible Research

Students for Responsible Research
at the University of California, Berkeley
c/o Jesse Reynolds
151 Hilgard Hall #3110
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-3110
(510) 548-0752


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Big thanks to Marcy, Faith, Jason, and everyone else at the Ad Hoc Bay Area Committee for Biotechnology in the Public Interestwho put this together.

UC officials

President Richard C. Atkinson
University of California
Office of the President
1111 Franklin St. #12113
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 987-9074
Fax (510) 987-9086
Chancellor Robert Berdahl
University of California, Berkeley
Office of the Chancellor
200 California Hall #1500
Berkeley, CA 94720-1500
(510) 642-7464
Fax (510) 643-5499
Dean Gordon Rausser
University of California, Berkeley
College of Natural Resources
Dean's Office
101 Giannini Hall #3100
Berkeley, CA 94720-3100
(510) 642-7171
Fax (510) 642-4612
Robert Brentano, Chair
University of California, Berkeley
Academic Senate
320 Stevens Hall #5842
Berkeley, CA 94720-5842
(510) 642-4226
Fax (510) 642-8920