The Stephens Wildland Fire Lab is seeking two employees to assist with forestry & hydrology fieldwork at Yosemite & Kings National Parks. The application period is from 1/20/2017 to 2/20/2017. Interviews will occur between 1/20/2017 and 3/1/2017 and continue until applicants are selected. Employees will be selected by 3/1/2017. Please send cover letter and resume as a single PDF to gboisrame@berkeley.edu. Additional information at nature.berkeley.edu/stephenslab/employment.

Project overview: How does fire influence forests & hydrology?

We seek to understand how wildland fire influences the forests’ water balance. Results from this study may guide policy and fire management techniques to increase water yield and water security.

Role of the employee

He or she will become familiar with the Sierra Nevada forests, hydrology, fire ecology, and data collection and management.

During late spring 2017 students will assist with field preparations and complete physical training. During summer 2017 students will gather hydrology field data and assist with data management. They will complete many eight-day backpacking trips where they must carry up to 50 lbs. for six miles.

Employee’s Qualifications

Students must have a strong interest in: fire ecology, forests, and hydrology; Data management; Attention to detail and on-the-fly problem solving in the field, with computers, and in a team setting; Inter-personal skills and desire to work in a team; Backpacking for many days at a time (generally 8 day trips, but potentially up to 16 days);  Spending long physically exhausting hours in the field; Enjoying the joys of field work (alpine sun-sets and swimming in creeks) and hardships (bushwhacking through shrublands) alike. Berkeley undergraduates are preferred.

Selection process:

Due to the large number of applications, we will review Berkeley students and recent graduates first. If there is not a suitable candidate, we will expand our search.

  • We prefer candidates with wilderness experiences including, but not restricted to backpacking.
  • Medical training such as Wilderness First Responder is strongly preferred, and experience using these skills on friends and colleagues is preferred.
  • Strong teamwork skills and flexibility are a must.
  • Must be able to operate a vehicle.


Apply: 1/20/2017 to 2/20/2017

Interviews: 1/20/2017 until two applicants are chosen

Employees selected: by 3/1/206

Start: April or May

Finish: Late August or September with potential for one person to extend employment thru winter

We will all need to be flexible because our field season’s schedule will be based on the snow pack. If the snow melts early, we will begin preparations in April including physical training and office work. Our first trip could occur as early as mid-May. If the snow melts late, we will shift our schedule. Office work beginning in late April to mid-May and extending until our first trip that could begin as late as early July.

We can hold some dates for personal reasons such as weddings and family reunions.


Employees arrange their own housing in Berkeley, CA for office work.


Project begins: Spring 2017

Project lasts 1-2 semesters

Student Positions Available: 2-3

Salary: To be negotiated per week

Location: UCB and backcountry