Party-Directed Mediation
Download an hour audio seminar on Empathic Listening Skills (the process of listening so others will talk and feel heard is called empathic listening). These are essential skills for mediators as well as for individuals involved in conflict. Click above on "listening skills" link. Or, download a one and a half hour seminar on interpersonal negotiation skills. Click on "negotiation skills" link.

Mediation of Interpersonal Workplace Conflict


In this Webpage we offer a series of unique resources for dealing with workplace related disputes. These include materials on empathic listening skills, interpersonal negotiation skills, mediation of interpersonal conflict between co-workers as well as mediation of supervisor-subordinate conflict. Our focus is on interpersonal based conflict. These materials do not focus on court mediation or legal issues, nor are they about labor relations (union-management issues) although the techniques we discuss may be applied to these and other mediation settings.

You may wish to download the book Party-Directed Mediation: Helping Others Resolve Differences (2nd Edition) as a free PDF file. These files, as well as instructions on how to distribute this book for free to colleagues, clients or students, are found in BOOK: PARTY-DIRECTED MEDIATION. We also have prepared informative videos that go along with the book. Finally, from time to time we offer intensive training on the Party-Directed Mediation and Negotiated Performance Appraisal models.

From time to time we offer intensive training on mediation of interpersonal workplace conflicts. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. You may write the author at or call Gregorio Billikopf at 209-525-6800.

LAST REVISED: 21 September 2011