DAO Table of Contents

DAO Table of Contents

Some of these jobs may not have existed for quite some time, while some new jobs have been created. Other jobs exist, but are so different from these descriptions, that one would find it difficult to recognize the job. In some cases, the title used is different than what is commonly used today. We are interested in your comments and suggestions about making this a useful tool. Let us know about obsolete jobs, new jobs and job titles, and ways agricultural related jobs have changed.

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Parts of the Occupational Definition
General (Master) and Term Titles (e.g., supervisor, migrant worker, etc.)
013 Agricultural Engineering Occupations
040 Occupations in Agricultural Sciences (e.g., agronomist, dairy scientist)
041 Occupations in Biological Sciences (e.g., animal breeder, apiculturist, microbiologist)
073 Veterinarians
096 Farm Advisors (County Agents), 4-H and Home Economists
166 Personnel Administration Occupations
180 Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Industry Managers and Officials
260 Sales Occupations, Agricultural and Food Products
272 Sales Occupations, Farm and Gardening Equipment and Supplies
401 Grain Farming Occupations
402 Vegetable Farming Occupations
403 Fruit and Nut Farming Occupations
404 Field Crop Farming Occupations, N.E.C.
405 Horticulture Specialty Occupations
407 Diversified Crop Farming Occupations
408 Plant Life and Related Service Occupations (e.g., landscape gardener tree surgeon)
409 Plant Farming and Related Occupations, N.E.C. (e.g., farm labor contractor, machine operator)
410 Domestic Animal Farming Occupations (e.g., dairy supervisor, animal breeder)
411 Domestic Fowl Farming Occupations (e.g., poultry tender, beak trimmer)
413 Lower Animal Farming Occupations (e.g., beekeeper)
418 Animal Service Occupations (e.g., horse shoer)
419 Animal Farming Occupations, N.E.C. (e.g., horse trainer)
421 General Farming Occupations (e.g., farmer, farm worker)
429 Miscellaneous Agricultural and Related Occupations, N.E.C. (e.g., cotton classer)
599 Miscellaneous Processing Occupations, N.E.C. (e.g., seed mill superintendent)
624 Farm Mechanics and Repairers
920 Packaging Occupations
Dictionary of Agricultural Occupations INDEX

Agricultural Labor Management

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