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Faculty Project Namesort ascending Faculty
Wildlife Camera Trapping to Improve Insights in Ecology and Conservation Arthur Middleton
Using tree rings to disentangle topographic and biological controls on forest responses to drought Lara Marie Kueppers
Urban Bee Lab: Bee-plant Interactions in Avocado Orchards and Urban Brentwood Gordon Frankie
Understanding the function of a novel nuclear membrane protein in plants Yangnan Gu
Tropical forest regeneration: a pan tropical analysis of carbon allocation to reproduction Lara Marie Kueppers
The Zero Waste Lab Kate ONeill
The role of plant-microbial interactions and anaerobic microsite formation in upland soils Eoin Brodie
The role of irrigation in the water cycle Manuela Girotto
Species identification for insect samples Justin Brashares
Sequestering Atmospheric Carbon via Increased Photosynthesis and Enhanced Plant Root Biomass Peggy Lemaux
Seeing Photosynthesis in Real Time to Measure Forest Responses to Water Trevor Keenan
Research on controversial US farm programs at Land Grant Universities Brian WRIGHT
Remote sensing of mountain snow after wildfire Manuela Girotto
Predicting microbial functional traits from genomes to watersheds Eoin Brodie
Plant immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis
Nature-based climate solutions in cities: the cooling potential of California’s urban forests Iryna Dronova
Natural Variation in Developmental Timing and Morphology in Sunflower Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Natural diversity in immune responses to bacterial pathogens Jennifer Lewis
Monitoring ground-dwelling arthropods in San Vicente Redwoods, Santa Cruz Co. Kipling Will
Monarch butterfly habitat protection and citizen science project at the Gill Tract Farm in Albany, CA Timothy Bowles, PhD
Mapping a vulnerable marine environment: degradation and the illicit fishing industry Maggi Kelly
Isotopic Niche Shifts and Morphology of Desert Small Mammals Steven R. BEISSINGER, PhD
Grass allometry study in 12 dominant California grasses Lara Marie Kueppers
Functional Genetics of Adaptive Trait Variation in Monkeyflowers Benjamin Blackman, PhD
Exploring "Digital Twins" on Campus: A Virtual RCNR Tree Trail Maggi Kelly
Examining Tribal Sovereignty over Cannabis Permitting on Native Ancestral Lands Van Butsic
Examining the population structure of the opportunistic pathogen, Proteus mirabilis Karine Gibbs
Economic and Social Impacts of Agricultural Destruction: Evidence from Desert Locust Outbreaks Ethan A. LIGON
Dissecting trait differences between long-diverged species Rachel B BREM
Creating a Digital Tool for Language Revitalization and Interpretation Lynn Huntsinger
Coastal plant community composition shifts in response to tule elk herbivory David Dickinson Ackerly
Climate Policy, Social Movements, and the Latest Hydropower Boom: Trends from 2000-2021 Meg Mills Novoa
Climate Advocacy and Opposition in the U.S. States Jonas Meckling
Biodiversity of Spiny Lizards Ian Wang
Biodiversity in the City: Investigating the role of social-ecological dynamics in affecting Bay Area mammalian communities Christopher John Schell
Bacterial gene regulation by vitamin B12 Michiko Taga
Aquatic Insects of Intermittent Streams and Museum Studies of Caddisflies Patina Mendez
Adapting to drought in California agriculture: Identifying crops and varieties suitable for dry farming in coastal climates Timothy Bowles, PhD
Mapping Power: Market Structure and Renewable Energy in Developing Countries Jonas Meckling