Project Description: 

Help with the ongoing development of a tool that enables oratory in any dialect or language to reach listeners across the globe.  The tool provides a frustration-free, assistive interface for the manual transcription and translation of colloquial speech, with the ability to display multiple auto-scrolling transcriptions and translations side-by-side.  The tool is designed for qualitative learners and for communities working toward language revitalization; therefore, it prioritizes the ongoing interpretation, re-interpretation, and sharing of spoken language content.  The site design centers and prioritizes speech recordings so that orators' meanings maintain authority over all written translations.  Furthermore, written translations are continuously revised as listeners gain new insights into orators' speeches.  Translations are displayed in ways that help listeners understand the meaning and content of the original speeches while also encouraging the listeners to learn more about the colloquial dialects and languages being spoken.  Ultimately, this tool enables the unique ideas, meanings, and capabilities of any colloquial language or dialect to contribute to worldwide networks of cultural and knowledge production.

Undergraduate's Qualifications: 

Relative familiarity with one or more of the following:

Python Django
Graph Theory
Security Testing
User Testing
Project Management
User-Facing Content
Language Revitalization
Passion for Language Equity

To be negotiated