Kinsey Brock

Kinsey Brock

Position: Postdoc


Office: 217 Hilgard Hall

Research Interests: color polymorphism, reptile ecology and evolution, trait evolution, island biology, phylogenetics

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Honors & Awards:

NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship (2021)

Carol Tomlinson-Keasey Award, UC Merced (2021)

University of California Outstanding Student Leadership Award (2020)

Recent Publications:

Chelini, M.C., Brock, K.M., Yeager, J., Edwards, D.L. 2021. Environmental drivers of sexual dimorphism in a lizard with alternative mating strategies. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, doi: 10.1111/jeb.13881.

Degen, R., Brock, K.M. 2021. Rare behavioral observations of Macrovipera schweizeri from Sifnos island. (in press).

Brock, K.M., McTavish, E.J., Edwards, D.L. 2021. Color polymorphism is a driver of diversification in the lizard family Lacertidae. Systematic Biology.

BeVier, G.T., Brock, K.M., Foufopoulos, J. 2021. Life on an island: the effects of insularity on the ecology and home range of the Aegean Wall Lizard (Podarcis erhardii). Herpetological Conservation & Biology.

Brock, K.M., Baeckens, S., Donihue, C.M., Martín, J., Pafilis, P., Edwards, D.L. 2020. Trait differences among discrete morphs of a color polymorphic lizard. PeerJ, doi:10.7717/peerj.10284.

Belasen, A., Brock, K.M., Li, B., Chremou, D., Valakos, E., Pafilis, P., Sinervo, B., and Foufopoulos, J. 2016. Fine with heat, problems with water: microclimate alters water loss in a thermally adapted insular lizard. Oikos, 126(3): 447-457.

Donihue, C.M., Brock, K.M., Foufopoulos, J., and Herrel, A. 2015. Feed or fight: testing the impact of food availability and intraspecific aggression on the functional ecology of an island lizard. Functional Ecology, 30(4): 566-575.

Brock, K.M., Bednekoff, P., Pafilis, P., and Foufopoulos, J. 2014. Evolution of anti predator defenses in an insular lizards species, Podarcis erhardii (Reptilia: Lacertidae): the sum of all fears? Evolution, 45(2): 69(1): 216-231.