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      Applied aspects of our research have focused on the development bio-intensive programs as alternatives to insecticides. 

     One program interferes with mate location through the artificial deployment of various chemicals including insect sex pheromones or plant volatiles. 

     Studies ranging from electrophysiological responses of antennae to large areawide pheromone mating disruption programs have helped to produce a viable alternative to insecticides for codling moth, the key pest of apples and pears.

     Other research has focused on more applied aspects of biological control in strawberries, apples, or pears including the role of plant structures as refugia from natural enemies or detection of prey DNA in the guts of generalist predators.

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integrated coddling moth management

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walnut marketing board's 2005 strategy

The focus of this project is to demonstrate economical reduced-risk management strategies on walnuts and to improve communication and cooperation among the different groups involved.

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