The Wildermuth Lab at UC Berkeley


The Wildermuth Lab in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology at UC Berkeley investigates mechanisms mediating plant-microbe interactions.  Plants are continuously exposed to disease-causing microbes, resulting in estimated global crop loss of 14% per year.  As our climate changes, enhanced environmental stress can increase the susceptibility of crops to pathogens and pathogens can invade new environments.  In addition, beneficial plant-microbe interactions that increase crop productivity are also impacted by environmental change.  By understanding the basic mechanisms underlying plant-microbe interactions we can predict how these interactions may change in response to altered environmental conditions and can maintain our agronomic productivity by augmenting the plant’s own responses.  In addition, basic research on phytohormones and plant disease resistance has led to discoveries in human innate immunity and elucidated fundamental biological processes.

Plant-Microbe Interactions