Mt. Diablo Research

  • Linda Saunders


    I grew up here in the Bay Area. After high school, I went to Chabot community college where I played volleyball and pole vaulted. After a year there I enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves so I could continue classes.

  • Dr. Tina Mendez

    Project Collaborator

    I’ve been enamored with insects since I was seven when a mass emergence of cicadas in my hometown filled our trees and our days with surround sound. As children, we collected the exuviae hanging on plants, and if we were

  • Casey Hubble

    Project Leader
    Casey Hubble

    In 2013 I received a masters in ecology and systematic biology with an emphasis in entomology. I’ve had the privilege to work on a number of rewarding local projects with the California Academy of Science, Apple, Park Presidio and several of the UC Davis extension branches.

  • Dr. Kipling (Kip) Will

    Principal Investigator

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