Macros for MS Word

Below are descriptions of three really cool macros I wrote to be used with MS Word. These macros can be downloaded at the end of this page.


Email Utilities

This set of macros is really useful when you use MS Word in conjunction with your email software in order to prepare outgoing email or print incoming messages. (Note if you don’t have a Windows email program that you can copy and paste to, then these macros probably won’t be of much use to you.)

Email Survey Processor

More and more surveys are being sent out via email. Email is a convenient way to reach a large number of people without a lot of effort. However like any survey data, typing in the responses into the computer is burdensome. It seems especially inane to print out an email message just to retype in the responses into a spreadsheet or stats package. This macro will automatically extract the data from responses of an email surveys. It saves this data in a tab-separated text file that you can easily import into any spreadsheet, stats package, database, or word processor.

This macro can be used with any type of survey. The only design requirement is tht when you prepare your email survey, add [ ] brackets wherever you want the user to fill in a response. Further instructions and tips for conducting an email survey are included with the macro instructions.

If this survey processor macro isn't powerful enough for you, I've heard of a commercial software package which does the same thing called Decisive Survey. See

LUIS Citation Wizard

Do you ever use the email capability of LUIS (the University of Florida online library catalog) to email literature citations to yourself and then try to print them out? If you do, then this macro is for you! With the LUIS Citation Wizard, you can ‘clean up’ the appearance of these citations. Specifically, you can delete all those fields you don’t really need (like the ISSN number), and take out the carriage returns from the end of each line so that when you print it the text will wrap to the full width of the paper (saving paper and improving appearance). The macro will also underline and indent the field names for easier reading.

If you want to make your library research into a science, then you can also use the LUIS Citation Wizard to export the fields from your citations into a tab-separated ASCII text file, which you can then import into a database program like MS Access or a spreadsheet. When you realize that many citations come with complete abstracts, the possibilities of this ‘power’ are exciting. With ‘just a few clicks,’ you can create your own database full of the abstracts of all the articles of your favorite journal for the last 5 years. If you know anything about databases, you can then print them out in nice looking reports, set up key word searches, etc. All from the comfort of your own chair.

The LUIS Citation Wizard is easy to run. Just import (copy and paste) the email message(s) into a new word document and run the macro. You should also know in advance which LUIS database the citations came from (e.g. the UF Catalog, ABI/Inform, Current Contents, etc.). The wizard will walk you through the steps of selecting the fields to keep or delete, and whether you want to just clean up the citations for printing or export them as an ASCII file.

NOTE: LUIS continues to change the formatting of their emailed citations (for example recently they added the call number), so you might want to double-check that the macro will still work as expected.


The macros are saved in MS Word template files. Simply download the file you want, then open the template in MS Word and read the instructions. The installation procedure will either add the macro to a toolbar or put them on your 'Tools' menu so they’ll always be handy.

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